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About Us 

A successful equine partnership - is about the sum of the parts, i.e.; bloodlines (potential capability), conformation, temperament, looks, nutrition, pre-training, health, and allowing your youngsters to be “horses”. One element is not complete without the other.

In order to set a horse up for a successful equine partnership – you need a solid structure and proven practices, in place. 
Our team is dedicated to the premium care of our horses and of the property and we have a life-long passion for horses. All our foals receive the utmost care from birth onwards and we ensure that our horse’s veterinary, dentistry, farrier, vaccination, worming, emotional well-being and nutritional requirements are to the best of standards.

Gary Johnson - has a gentle way with our young horses and mares and he assists in creating the foundation, by setting up a natural partnership with them (and he also helps pay the bills).

Claudette Johnson -
builds on all factors to set horses up for success and to maximise their chance for a “life-long home”. 


Claudette’s experience spans over 25 years and her interests include pre-training young horses, trick training, showing, dressage and promoting the Australian Warmblood. Claudette has started her 3YO Capone gelding (Beau Cheval Crusader) and is looking forward to working with our other up and coming youngsters.

Claudette is coached by A Level Judge, Julie Peterson Smith and has held the position of Federal President for the AWHA (Australian Warmblood Horse Association) since December 2013. Both Gary and Claudette work at the State level for the QLD branch of the AWHA.


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